On January 18, Huawei held the  HarmonyOS Ecological Thousand Sails Sailing Ceremony in Shenzhen, announcing that HarmonyOS NEXT Star River Edition Developer Preview is open for application to developers, officially opening a new chapter of HarmonyOS Advanced. As the  co-builder of HarmonyOS, Archermind was invited to attend the ceremony to witness the new milestone of HarmonyOS, and jointly open new traffic, new business opportunities and new future.


As an all-scene operating system, HarmonyOS has adhered to the spirit of openness and innovation since its birth in 2019, constantly bringing together the strength of thousands of industries and leading the pace of operating system innovation. Yu Chengdong, executive director of Huawei, CEO of Terminal BG and Chairman of Intelligent Vehicle Solution BU, announced that the number of HarmonyOS ecological devices has exceeded 800 million, and the number of HarmonyOS native application ecological partners has exceeded 200.


Join hands to prosper HarmonyOS Ecology

2024 is the first year of HarmonyOS’s independence, and it is also a key year for the improvement of HarmonyOS’s ecological development. Huawei will accelerate the development of various HarmonyOS native applications, and focus on winning the two most difficult battles of technology base and tripartite ecology. As an operating system technology provider, with more than 17 years of operating system technology accumulation, Archermind has led the vigorous rise of the domestic intelligent terminal industry together with Huawei. Since the release of HarmonyOS, with its diversified technical layout and solid operating system technical background, Archermind Technology has become one of the earliest  co-builders of HarmonyOS Ecology, and has reached a close partnership with Huawei in the fields of  Meta-Services,  MineHarmony, HarmonyOS Intelligent Link, and so on, to jointly promote the prosperity and development of HarmonyOS Ecology.


In the field of meta-service, in 2023, Archermind has developed HarmonyOS native applications and meta-service applications in different industries for HarmonyOS partners such as Nanjing Six Dynasties Museum, Nanjing Xuanwu Lake, Xiamen and Guo Zhuang Fishing Village. In the field of mining, Archermind has assisted a number of mining equipment manufacturers and mining enterprises to complete the transformation and certification of the existing equipment, thus promoting the wide application and implementation of MineHarmony operating system ecological products in mining enterprises.  In the field of HarmonyOS Intelligent Link, Archermind provides one-stop solutions such as hardware adaptation, software development and intelligent link certification for the consumer field, enabling many industry customers to efficiently access Huawei HarmonyOS ecology

With the full launch of HarmonyOS native application, head applications such as Alipay, Jingdong, Xiaohongshu, Weibo, Gaode Map, and China Mobile have launched HarmonyOS native application development. Archermind is also speeding up the investment in the ecological construction of HarmonyOS Native, based on HarmonyOS NEXT, to help customers achieve 6 ultimate native experiences, including native exquisite, native application, native fluency, native security, native intelligence, native connectivity

Accelerate the Commercial Landing of  Openharmony

In the field of  OpenHarmony, Archermind is not only an important member of the OpenHarmony project group, but also has reached an OpenHarmony ecological enabling partnership with Huawei. Relying on OpenHarmony, Archermind created  HongZOS  for the  IoT, and launched various types of integrated software and hardware solutions such as tablets, robots, training boxes, gateways, adapters, etc., to build an autonomous and controllable solid digital base for the entire scene of the industry。

At present, Archermind has accumulated rich practical experience in promoting the development and application of OpenHarmony system, providing efficient and reliable solutions for mining, industry, education, driving training, police, transportation and other fields, and has been implemented in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shandong and other provinces, and has achieved remarkable results.

Co-education of HarmonyOS Innovative Talents

Talent is the first resource, and to achieve ecological prosperity in HarmonyOS, in the final analysis, we must rely on innovative talents. It is reported that as of November 2023, Huawei has cooperated with more than 300 universities across the country, and 21 985 universities, including Tsinghua University and Wuhan University, have offered HarmonyOS courses.


Based on its rich technical reserves and industry case experience, Archermind has carried out in-depth cooperation with China University of Mining and Technology and other universities, and carried out the integration of industry and education through the establishment of school-enterprise joint laboratories, the construction of HarmonyOS curriculum system and the compilation of textbooks, academic exchanges and lectures, so as to jointly cultivate HarmonyOS talents. In addition, based on OpenHarmony, Archermind has created a series of tools and resources including development kit, Hongzhi experiment box, practical training sand table and supporting OpenHarmony course to support the development of professional fields such as computer science and technology, software engineering,  IoT engineering, artificial intelligence and so on.


All rivers flow into the sea, and a thousand sails make great progress together. In the future, Archermind will consolidate the technical foundation, continue to export high-quality products and advanced technologies, accelerate the prosperity of HarmonyOS ecology and the landing of industrial applications, and board the ship with Huawei to the sea and go to the future!