Tablet solution: based on the latest version of Google Android, besides providing the overall solutions from the underlying driver to the upper level of application, according to the Tablet device’s large screen, both hands holding, combined with mobile business, communication and entertainment as a whole and so on. It also integrates much core technology including multi-screens display, different screens display, interactive entertainment sharing, which has a great improvement on usability and entertainment of tablet product, therefore the product competitiveness is optimized in the market.

Pursue the perfect

user experience

Android native application beautifying
New application customizing, developing and integrating
GMS integration
Third party application integration

Commit to modular

driver integration

Android driver stability
rich experiences in the cooperation with peripheral manufactures
many chip manufacture partners

Create stable

Android AOSP stability / Third party middleware integration

middleware platforms

Provide full range of

security solutions

Various software encryption algorithms realize soft encryption solutions
The integration solutions of software and hardware based on TEE’s key technology
Chip levelSolutions based on SE

Multi-screen display / Different screens display / Entertainment sharing / Quick start

Customize specialized

industry solution

Leading the trend of

core technology differentiation

Electricity / Medical device / Others