Based on the latest version of Google Android, AMT can provide a full set of operating system solutions from the underlying driver integration (AMT component integration solution), middleware framework and optimization of system stability (AMT AOSP solution), to the third party modules integrated into the upper UI interface (AMT ROM solution), which effectively reduce the development and commissioning period of the terminal manufacturers in the operating system, and accelerate the speed of product listing enhancing the user experience of the product.

ROM customization

Based on Android system deep optimization

Intelligent voice solution

Provide voice interaction functions for smart phones, such as information
query, application control, intelligent reminder,service resources, etc.

Telecoms Operators

Customization for

Asia / Europe / North America / South America / Australia

System cutting and system optimization

Integration, cutting and system optimization of Android and Linux system because
of the characteristics of mobile intelligent equipment (low memory & small storage)
to improve system performance and operation speed, reduce power consumption,
and enhance the user experience.

Safety solution

Various software encryption algorithms realize soft encryption solutions
Combined with TEE key technology of hardware and software integration solutions
Chip level solutions based on SE

Underlying driver adaption

Based on customer customized hardware platforms
Driver integration and debugging to make the platform and equipments run efficiently